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# Gruppe Beschreibung Code
1 Main function Force transfer using high-modulus adhesives F
2   Deformation compensation using low-modulus adhesives (thick film bonding) D
3   Sealing S
4   Large-area adhesive bonding (e.g. lamination) L
5 Pre-treatment methods Blasting BL
6   Etching, anodization ET
7   Plasma treatment (AD plasma, corona, flame treatment, flame pyrolysis) PL
8   Laser treatment LS
9 Production methods Use of solvent or water based systems (primer, adhesives, cleaning agents, etc.) SO
10   Processing of 2-component-adhesives TK
11   Processing of 1-component moisture/humidity activated systems (adhesives, primers) HU
12   Processing of heat-curing adhesives HE
13   Processing hotmelts HM
14   Processing of radiation-curing adhesives RA
15   Processing of anaerobically curing adhesives AN
16   Lamination or processing of pressure-sensitive adhesives LA
17 Test methods Destructive test methods DT
18   Non-destructive test methods (comment required) NDT
19   Visible inspection (with inspection instructions) VIS
20   Application monitoring using electrical data processing techniques DC
21   Cyclic-mechanical ageing tests (oscillation) CY
22   Crash/impact test methods IM
23   Physical-chemical ageing tests PC
24   Rheological measurements RH
25   Spectroscopic analyses (IR, UV-VIS) RS
26   Thermal analytical methods (DSC, DMA, TGA, etc.) TA
27   Wetting measurements WT
28 Degree of mechanization Mechanized/automated VM
29   Partly mechanized TM
30   Manual M
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